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We are medical weight loss experts with over 20 years of experience online!

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...better choices lead to better results—it's as simple as that.

Life-changing weight loss

I used betterMD nutrition products to lose 100 pounds... and now I use them to control my weight!

Mike Murdy, Founder & CTO

How I Lost 100 Pounds!

After years of slowly gaining weight and gradually declining health, I decided to change. By using a number of betterMD nutrition products and eating a portion-controlled meal each day, I was able to consistently lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived. I continue to use betterMD nutrition products as a high-quality source of protein, nutritional support for healthy eating, and as a strategy to prevent weight regain.

My weight loss came at a steady rate. Week after week, I focused on making better choices, and breaking old behavior patterns… After a short while I saw progress and that motivated me! 

Now, I manage my weight as a series of small, better choices... it's that simple.

high-protein meal replacements

My weight loss success contributed to success in other areas of my life, and that positive feedback loop continues to fuel my search for personal health and wellness!

The betterMD catalog now contains over 140 high-protein, nutrition products. Whether you follow a moderate diet and only replace a meal here and there, or you are on a low-calorie plan using 5 or more betterMD products a day plus a portion-controlled meal, we have something for you to love!

What We Do

We help people make better choices and get better results!

How we do it

Over twenty years ago...

The betterMD Story

In the 1990’s, Dr. David Murdy, made an observation about the patients he saw most frequently… most of them were overweight, and their weight was a major  factor in their illness. He helped them lose weight, and they got better!

As word spread, Dr. Murdy’s weight loss practice grew, and two family members joined him. Together, in the fall of 1999, Dwight, David and Mike Murdy launched betterMD, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to extend the success of Dr. Murdy’s patients to others throughout the region.

After two decades of helping change lives, we lost Dwight to cancer in the summer of 2020, and Dr. David Murdy has since retired from betterMD and passed the torch to the next generation…

We are happy to welcome Logan Murdy, son of founder, Mike Murdy, as the newest partner at betterMD.

Dwight Murdy, Founder & CEO

Dwight Murdy, Founder

Logan Murdy, Chief Operating Officer

Logan Murdy, Partner

Dr. David Murdy, Founder & CMO

Dr. David Murdy, Founder

Mike Murdy, Chief Technical Officer

Mike Murdy, Founder


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